Welcome to the Salt Lake City Chapter - National Society of The Sons of Utah Pioneers.


10th Ward Chapel
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Monthly Meeting

Our Meetings are the first Thursday of every month at the 10th Ward Chapel, located at 420 South 800 East, Salt lake City, UT

Parking is on the south side of the building, next to the Chuck-A-Rama Restaurant

Anyone is invited to attend, the members and their wives, guests, friends or all who are interested in the programs and the organization.

The meeting begins at 7:15 p.m.

We typically have a 75 minute presentation, then time for interaction with the audience.

Many of the members like to go to the restaurant about 6 p.m. before the meeting.  Senior discount cards are available for the meal.

Next Meeting - Thursday, November 2, 2017
W. Herbert Klopfer

W. Herbert Klopfer

He was our guest in November 2014 with his story of his family's exit from Germany during the Third Reich, which has been told numerous times by him and his family, through invitations before many groups, and through church publications. [June 1990 Issue of the Ensign Magazine ("Enemy Soldier at the Pulpit"), and the January 2012 Issue of the Ensign Magazine ("Worship the Lord by Singing Hymns").]

Here is a write-up of his visit to us in that November 2014 meeting.

Brother Klopfer has served the church and the gospel effort in many ways,  Bishop, High Councilman, Stake President, President of the Family Search Missionaries Branch, LDS Church General Music Committee, pianist and organist for his ward, stake, general authority events over decades including many training films made for distribution throughout the church and likely many others that we do not know about.

He wants, this time, to talk about "Following the Spirit". I'm curious what this will be.

On Thursday, October 5, 2017 we "treked"

Union Station - Ogden, Utah

Ogden Train Station
Ogden Train Station Ogden Station Cars

The Ogden Historic Train Station - The four museums are the John M. Browning Firearms Museum, the Utah State Railroad Museum, the Utah Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, and the Browning-Kimball Classic Car Museum.

Ogden Station Trek October 2017

We met at the Tenth Ward Chapel and car pooled to Ogden, where we took in the museums and art galleries.  The Classic Car Museum was very popular, the cars and their stories are fascinating pieces of history, and many are amazed at the vintage and the stories of famous people who once owned them.  The cars are in superior condition

All of the museums are very well done.  The Railroad Museum has a working model train which must have been a labor of love for whoever created it, and very much enjoyed by all who visit.


A sampling of past speakers and activities
Speaker or Activity Subject
Ryan Combs Mormon Missionary Database
Emily Utt Mormon Architecute - Provo Tabernacle converted to a Temple
Jeffrey D. Meservy Pioneer Trail:   Martin-Willie-Hunt&Hodgett hand-cart companies
Nathan (Nate) D. Leishman Humanitarian Disaster Response - LDS Church
Steven Olsen Harmony Pennsylvania Priesthood Restoration site
T.C. Christensen "Ephraim's Rescue" Film
James C. Hurst "What would you do?"- compelling pioneer experiences
Ron L. Andersen Lincoln Leadership Society - Abraham Lincoln and Joseph Smith
Steve Sorensen Jungle Refugee Scouts (Karen and Karenni people of Myanmar)
Jeffrey N. Walker Joseph Smith's extradition trials - Habeas Corpus
Hank Thompson "Mormon Money"
George Potter Lehi's Trail from Jerusalem to Bountiful
Rochelle Kaplan Jews in Utah (Not an Oxymoron)
Jerry Hayes History of Automobiles in Utah
Ophir Historic District Chapter Trek in the summer of 2015
Annual Program Salt Lake City Chapter SUP Scholarship Winners
Annual Program The Latter-day Saint Institute Singers Christmas Program in December




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Little Mountain Summit

Some time ago the stonework was damaged and the plaque stolen, but repaired, the plaque replaced, and re-dedicated on July 21, 2015, which is the anniversary of the Mormon Pioneers crossing here on July 21, 1847.

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Tooele County Trek - 2015

Sponsored by the Twenty Wells and Salt Lake City Chapters open to all SUP members, held on the 27th of June.  Hot but enoyable.

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Ensign Peak

One of the many monuments of Sons of Utah Pioneers.  Claimed by many groups but held special by the Salt Lake City Chapter

Fort Bridger Trek - 2013

Out tour guides were Glenn Rawson and Dennis Lyman for an all-day trip  to Fort Bridger, Wyoming.

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Days of '47 Queens 2015

Annually the Days of '47 Royalty speak and perform for the members.  This Royalty well represents those of all years.

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National Society of Sons of Utah Pioneers

There are about 45 chapters nationwide, most of them in the intermountain west.

The mission of the society is to come to know our fathers and turn our hearts to them, preserve their memory and heritage, honor present-day pioneers worldwide, and teach these qualities to the rising generation.

We honor the Utah Pioneers for their faith in God, devotion to family, loyalty to church and country, hard work and service to others, courage in adversity, personal integrity, and unyielding determination.


Membership in the society is open to all good men of every age and circumstance who have an interest in the early Utah Pioneers and wish to honor them, perpetuate their memory and preserve their heritage for posterity.


Join Now and affiliate with a chapter.

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